Videotutorial Elena Talikova


Elena Talikova is a russian interior design artist, working predominately with wool felting techniques.  Her artworks, inspired by highly stylised organic forms, are fascinating.  Her enchanting lamps and illuminated sculptures make a big impact visually and emotionally in any space they inhabit that make them very popular in Russia and abroad.


Elena Talikova: “I invite you to attend my videotutorial “Felted Lampshades: Composite Templates”.

I will guide you step-by-step through my working process, from design and constructing the template to mounting the electric equipment.

I am working with 3D composite templates (“book templates”). Using such templates, you can create not only lampshades and other sculptures, but also bags and fascinating hats.

I am working with the felting wool as  a sculptor works with clay and I will show you that the creative possibilities are really endless. You can work practically free-hand, developing the shape in process of work, on the spot. Using the same template, you can create a variety of objects. Resist techniques together with color decisions and embellishment techniques like embroidery give you really indefinite possibilities.

I will give you some troubleshooting and discuss some examples when mistakes led to inventions.

3 hours of detailed video.

The videotutorial consists of 9  parts.


  1. Introduction: Designing and constructing the template.

How to construct the template for the desired shape. What shapes are suitable for lampshades and what are not. What is composite template. Odd and even number of petals.

  1. Laying out the wool

Elena Talikova’s secret of translucent strong felt. The felt should be pretty stable, the stiffening alone does not do the job. Elena shows the optimal layout and color choice to achieve these goals.

  1. Color effects.

How to achieve the smooth color gradients, which colors are better not to be used in order to keep the lamp shade translucent.

  1. 3D surface design. Resists I

We are coming to the most interesting part of the seminar. Elena goes from easy shapes to complicated ones.

  1. 3D surface design. Resists II

More complicated resists: “pipes” and “honey combs” effects. Making frills.

  1. Felting with the electric sander

This magic mashine helps a lot, especially for complicated 3D designs. Nevetheless you are free to work without it. It is not a “must” for Elena’s technique.

  1. Felting and fulling. Removing the template and resists.

Elena discusses the signs of a ready and half-ready felt. When can your template and different type of resists be removed? Making cutouts, finishing the edges.

  1. Shaping and stiffening.

A lot of tips and recipes. How to make your object stable but preserve the fascinating surface of wool felt? How to make it water-resistent or at least suitable for humide envirements? What materials can we use in order to reach the perfect shape of the main object and for 3 D surface elements?

  1. Electric equipement.

Elena discusses the principles and shows a couple of easy solutions for the mounting of the electric equipment. She shares with you also some ideas about modern LED light sources like stripes etc.

3 hours of detailed video and 12  pages of pdf handout with plenty of drawings and explanations.

The video and subtitles are in English, the handout is available in English, German and French languages.

The video is instructive for advanced felters, but suitable  also for ambitious beginners. After having learned with Elena, you will create your own illuminated objects.

You can ask questions and order the tutorial here:



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