Video of Elena Smirnova's masterclass “Open-work prefelt”



Working with prefelt is all easy and exciting, even though it takes time to makethe result is truly amazing.

In this masterclass you will study how to work with prefelt to make beautiful things.

We'll be talking about creating a graphic composition, and you'll also study the technique of creating fine natural patterns.

You will felt, stretch the prefelt to finally create a wonderful waistcoat.

Ìàñòåð-êëàññ Åëåíû Ñìèðíîâîé "Àæóðíûé ïðåôåëüò"


What you get with the video of Elena Smirnova's masterclass:

7 patterns of a dress, tunic, tippet, a large transforming tippet, snood and a kimono!

Ìàñòåð-êëàññ Åëåíû Ñìèðíîâîé "Àæóðíûé ïðåôåëüò"

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Look, it's much easier than it seems! These are the waistcoats made by the participants of this masterclass.

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This masterclass is suitable even for the beginners.

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