Olga Demjanova Videotutorial Felted Slippers


International Felting School Online presents
Olga Demjanova’s Video-Tutorial
Felted Slippers (focus on animal designs)


Hand felted slippers are very popular. Many artisans make their income mostly with slippers; of course, those should be perfectly executed (the quality of felt is crucial).

Olga Demjanova, a professional textile artist from Moscow, shows you step by step the production of 6 models (animal designs, but also classical ones).

In 2 hours you will learn how to

- calculate and construct the template

- layout the wool

- felt by hand only or with help of a sander

- shape up on a shoe-last

- make cutouts

- sew a sole

- decorate (finish)

And last but not least… a bonus: sheep slippers.

ðó÷íàÿ ðàáîòà, handmade, ßðìàðêà Ìàñòåðîâ,ñêà÷àòü ÷åðåç èíòåðíåò,ÿðêî-êðàñíûé,âàëÿåì òàïî÷êè,òàïî÷êè-çâåðè,âàëÿííûå òàïêè

You will get also the detailed handout and patterns for the templates.

The video-tutorial is suitable for beginners and for advanced feltmakes as well.

Important: our tutorial is interactive. Olga Demjanova will answer your questions. You will get your personal number and can ask your questions by email.

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Video-Tutorial "Felted slippers with Olga Demjanova"
will be available from 1th November for download or on a DVD. The audio part is in English (translated from Russian original), but we have created detailed handouts in German, French and Spanish languages. It is more than just a handout, the whole text of the video is translated. The patterns are also included.

From 1th to 10th of November we offer it at a special price of 39 Euro for download and 42 Euro for DVD (incl. postal costs).

After 10th November, the price will be 49 and 52 Euro. You can send me a message or an email to hallo@feingefilzt.de to order the tutorial.


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